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Mark Ratfelders is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified to administer the ELI Assessment and conduct the debrief.

Why should I take the assessment or be interested in Energy Leadership?

Simple answer: To become a better leader & individual. The assessment will provide vital information about your current leadership viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses as well as show how stress affects you. During the 90 minute debrief, you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss how you are showing up in life; both at the job and at home as well.

Then, with your Master Practitioner, you will be able to discuss the areas where you would like to show up more powerfully. The debrief experience will help and guide you to be ready to accelerate your level of awareness, consciousness, and power, in order that you will be able to master the areas necessary to become an ideal leader: 

Emotional Intelligence
Dynamic Communication
Influencing and Engaging Others
Problem Solving
Productivity and Decision Making
High Energy Relationships
Health and Wellness
Time Management and Balance
​​Why are all of these important?
They will help you to achieve more production and engagement, with less effort and more fulfillment! 

The Assessment and what it Measures
The Energy Leadership Index assessment provides insights into how you show up in various aspects of your life. It measures your potential leadership ability by your level of consciousness – your awareness about who you are and what life is about. The assessment measures your ability to lead people, including yourself, to take positive, productive, and sustainable action. The assessment also measures how involved or engaged you are in your roles and tasks on the job and at home. Finally, the assessment shows your energetic reaction to stress so that you can recognize and, if desired, modify that reaction. 

What is Energy Leadership?
Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole. By learning and applying the principles and concepts of Energy Leadership, you can increase your ability to shift your own energy and the energy of those around you. When you do that, you will help inspire and motivate yourself and others, feel a greater sense of purpose, get more done with much less effort and stress, and constantly attract positive and powerful people and success to you.
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"I accomplished my goals..."

“Mark’s background in Sales and Sales Management were exactly what I wanted in a Coach. He understood what I was going through. He showed insights into the challenges I faced and helped me to make more sense out of my situation. With his help, I accomplished my goals."

- Donald G., Sales Professional, Wheaton, IL

"Helped me see the big picture..."

​“Mark helped me see the Big Picture as I considered a major transition. He championed my successes. He helped me to become more confident in who I am and who I could be. Mark’s Coaching helped me make the transition a huge success story."

– Dawn B.,

Chicago, IL

"The most optimistic person I know..."

“Mark is the most optimistic person I know. Even in what appeared to be tough situations, Mark helped guide me to a better place. He never gave up on me. He helped me see things differently and that helped me grow and develop as a person and a professional."

– Kathy J., Marketing, Atlanta, GA